Richland County OH is a place in the midwestern landscape that is, in many ways, just like any number of other places on the map; but it has long been one of the unique crossroads of the US, and it has a most interesting way of intersecting with American History.

These stories collected from the writings of Timothy Brian McKee explore our rich past.

Here is an introduction to Richland’s cities, towns and villages: touring landmark sites, meeting the people who impacted our timeline, and understanding events that shaped our community.

Contact the author at: timothy.brian.mckee@gmail.com


  1. Timothy…how can you be reached via e-mail? I have family from Butler going back to the 1850’s and I enjoy your blog.


    • What an awesome site. Grew up in Mansfield, but have been away for almost 40 years. A great way to get reaquainted with forgotten/unknown history!

      Loved the article on the BSA Klondike Derby! It brought back memories.

      I was in troop 111 (and 113). Which troop were you in? Were you on the Aquatic Staff at Avery Hand? 1978 or 1979?

      Mitch Conant


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